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    HOLY SHIT! Electric Frankenstein's 20th Anniversary tour is coming to Vancouver! Where? The Rickshaw! But wait, there's more...

    Prior to that, there will be a pre-party Car Show and BBQ at Iron Road Studios, then head over to get your fix of THE STRUGGLERS, 69 GUNS, THE STOCKERS, AND ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN! Then head back to Iron Road Studios for the after party! More bands TBA





    69 GUNS



    With 20 years, over 100 record releases, and more! EF has almost single-handedly returned rock to its most basic and savage roots, the way it was meant to be. They have been receiving international acclaim for their exciting brand of Punk Rock and Roll, done with the great intensity of such bands as the Stooges, MC5, Dead Boys, NY Dolls, Damned, Black Flag, Misfits, AC/DC, Kiss, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, etc. In addition to playing the most dynamic, ravenous, and menacing rock you've ever heard, EF recognizes the importance of integrity. From giving proper nods to the architects of street-level rock (Iggy and the Stooges, Dead Boys, AC/DC), to fiercely supporting DIY labels to their constant efforts to put fans first ahead of profit, EF is championing the cause to bring Rock back to the people and out of the hands of corporations. EF aren't young or pretty, and in case you haven't noticed neither is Real Rock & Roll. EF aren't here to be your girlfriend, they're here to ROCK! While stupid critics might say 'but, it's only rock n roll, its nothing new', EF fans are saying "Damn, right!" as they embrace the best of what's loud, fast, and rules from the last 30 years distilled down to one single organism. EF are one a mission to revitalize Rock & Roll and save people from the boredom of "alternative music". EF shows are intense, exciting, and inspiring.

    The Stockers
    The Stockers fulfil one rule at every show they play, "Drain the Tank", 30 minute sets are packed with high octane rock and roll, lowbrow humour and ferocious energy. Their sound is nostalgic but twisted with just the right amount crunch and the hooks in each song keep the audience dancing and singing from start to finish. From sharing the stage with some of the best in the punk rock genre such as The Supersuckers and Nashville Pussy and Canadian punks SNFU and the Dayglo Abortions to supporting UK Punk Rock legends The Vibrators and Psycho-billy acts such as The Deadcats, The Brains, The Creepshow, and Big John Bates, they have proven their worth as entertainers with a sound that is ultimately unique among other acts in the Pacific North-West. Their over the top showmanship and full throttle rock and roll shows caught the eyes and ears of the up-and-coming Absolute Underground Records who released the Stockers self titled debut album on 12" coloured vinyl with free digital download in the Summer of 2011 and have featured original songs and covers on the labels Rising Scum Compilation. The band was also chosen to guest hosts the Zone @ 91.3 Punk Show (#23) to discuss their influences, their album and to share some raunchy tour stories. The music continues to be featured in many instalments of the Punk Show and in several Absolute Underground TV episodes.
    A seven city tour was put into works for Halloween 2011 which pushed the band into many new cities and saw them playing along side bands of varying styles but never once did they appear out of place. Further touring in 2012 will be in the form of supporting New Jersey Punk Rock & Rollers Electric Frankenstein on their entire Western Candadian/Pacific Northwest tour for the Summer of 2012. The bands follow up record is also being recorded this year and will carry much of the same nostalgic Surf/Punk Rock & Roll familiarity of their debut. Other compilation CD's and a 7" are also in the works and will without a doubt be seeing the light of day before the end of 2012.

    Piggy is a Raw Power Sensuous Rock and Pop infected roller-coaster ride. Founded by Ron Reyes on a mission from his heart. Piggy is not the resurrection of Ron Reyes ex singer of blah blah blah. It is not a return to “the first four years…” Piggy is not an attempt to recreate a vintage sound or time or place. It is not a collection of superstars  fixated on a singular point in space and time. It is an exercise in pure unadulterated simple pulsating rock and fucking roll! Piggy will be announcing their new lead singer soon. Other members are Lisafurr Lloyd, Craig Mckimm and Ron Reyes.


    69 GUNS
    Ee take all your fave hits and do them how we wanna do them!


empty Electric Frankenstein, The Stockers, and guests
August 4th
Electric Frankenstein, The Stockers, and guests

+19 Doors: 8:00 PM

$10 +S/C advance

$12 at door

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