• A mining town just after the peak of its prosperous run was the birth place of D. Trevlon. Situated in the Northern region of Ontario, Canada. There is about an eight hour journey from our largest city. With having a lush countryside, D. Trevlon spent most of his childhood up at Butler lake. While roaming trails and enjoying the wilderness, he spent a lot of time on his own to dream up life and what it may hold in the coming years. His experiences were far different from his peers, he soared through dreamscapes and nights were sweet.

    Now in his early thirties D. Trevlon has had his own share of living through a explorers soul. Working on board a cruise ship in his late twenties, his travels have brought him to see the world and to hear stories of many; young and old alike. With lessons from his childhood instilled, there is no wonder that people feel at ease to share their own life experiences with him. Stories of lust, hardship, smiles, love, realizations to aspire to and lessons from the past, loss, unknown forces, travels, wild natures and kind acts of faith…

    Different from his predecessors, Woody Guthrie, Lee Hazelwood and the like, he has been able to visit foreign lands and to find the language of the stars. to realize his songs through life… to realize his songs through dream…

    D. Trevlon now resides in Vancouver, BC, and after many years of touring and playing as a solo troubadour, he decided to put together a backing band, with guitarist Johnny Wildkat and drummer Stephen Lyons. The band recently went into Hive Studios to record his
    newest forthcoming album.

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empty D. Trevlon
June 1st
Sir Run Run presents
D. Trevlon

+19 Doors: 6:00 PM