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    Archspire, Altered Throne, Terrifier, and Argent Strand

    For the recent successes of technical death outfit ARCHSPIRE to come into fruition, certain variables must align. Talent, drive, creativitiy, and absolute dedication are only a few characteristics one may notice about the group, and indeed many have experienced the bi-product of these characteristics:

    A tight live performance, where impressive speeds come grinding to a halt, and in even less time twist and contort into complex passages rife with beautiful harmonies, juxtaposed against insidious melodies. An attention to songwriting, focusing not only on technicality, but originality as well, take this sub genre and put it on it's ear. And the combination of musical backgrounds, which is apparent in much of ARCHSPIRE'S music, showing itself through catchy rhythms, interesting riffs and arrangements, and progressive passages.

    Pushing boundaries of speed and endurance set only by the genre's top artists, while remaining accessible and interesting is no small feat. These Canadians have proven themselves worthy of touring and playing with bands like Origin, Decapitated, Hate Eternal, Abysmal Dawn, Vomitory, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Aborted.

    When all the elements required align in such a way that they form something original, and interesting, it becomes a catalyst for something new... and in the case of ARCHSPIRE, All has indeed, Aligned

    Altered Throne is taking things by storm as a new addition to the metal scene in greater Vancouver. The band started in 2008 when Anthony Fantillo began looking for new members to undertake a new project under the old name "Prophet Fulfilled".

    As familiarity rose amongst the tri-cities area, Prophet went through many member changes and with them came Yann Laredo. Bringing a new precision to the bands drum sound, He and Anthony worked together to set up the members that stand today as Altered Throne. First, Matt Perrin. With his entrance of exceptional skill and advanced creative ability, Matt quickly became the star-studded lead guitarist, laying down solos and harmonies that served as ground work for future works. Matt also laid down alterations in the sound, by having Anthony play most of the rhythms and imposing some influence from a slightly tangent musical background. Securing Matt Higgins was the next Phase. This Matt was acquired through recommendation and came far after the band had gone through several bass players. Higgins stepped down from traditional guitar playing to fulfill the low-register needs of the band and continues so with an ever-increasing knack for musical creativity.
    Approaching its fifth year in musical motion, the band realized that to step up their live game to the next level. They would put Anthony at ease by hiring a fifth member as lead vocalist. Andrew Hockley, who had befriended the band some years before, caught the bands attention in 2011 when he posted some videos of himself doing vocal covers. This was a huge step for Prophet because immediately after becoming a five-piece the band went straight to the studio. With material of old and new, and lyrics entirely re-written to better suit... Prophet recorded their first ever, self-titled album consisting of nine tracks.

    Later, in post production, the band separated from its founding member Anthony and decided to lay Prophet Fulfilled to rest and go under the new name Altered Throne. Shortly after they acquired former Artep Bass player Tyler Skode as Anthony's Replacement. Now, in 2012 the band is busier than ever. With no sign of hindrance, the band is launching forth its new page and promotional material for their eventual CD release show that is said to come late this summer. Keep your ears open or Altered Throne just might pass you by on their way to dominance over the metal scene and beyond.

    Kymatica - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNw0AMS1xy8&feature=relmfu

    Kymatica" is a compound consisting of the lexemes "Kyma" (Greek translated as "wave form" or “energy) and "Matica" (Slovak translated as “matrix” or “source”). These ancient and profound words together alludes to the idea of a base source of base of all living and unliving, and expressing its interconnection to the universe as a whole that an such idea has only has been recently touched upon...

    This music of the darkest light uses many seemingly paradoxical elements from soft and almost seductive, inviting one to become lost in textures only to turn and become as fire burning to cinders all laid before it like Kali at war, an inspiration to any soul before it...

    Every persona stretches to reach realignment one degree or another, "Kymatica" offers an intense and potent energy to aid the fires of change. Fed by the blue flame of rebellion that ignites the birth of the spirit in ones soul, we aspire to light that fire among us...

    As false glimmers of hope fade and forged ahead into the unknown we will be here to feed the energy needed to bring the world into a "Kymatica", may you keep up the fight...

    Argent Strand

    Argent Strand is a Deathcore band from Vancouver.



empty Archspire,  Altered Throne, Terrifier, Argent Strand
August 10th
Archspire, Altered Throne, Terrifier, Argent Strand

+19 Doors: 7:00 PM

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