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    Feral Children, Jay Arner, and Holzkopf

    Feral Children

    A whirl of hypnotic loops, psychedelic white guitar noise, and primal melodies, with Davidson hollering and whooping like the last sane man trying to bring the mad population back from the brink — or perhaps, a madman trying to bring the sane down with him. And yet, in some perverse way, Feral Children is also a pop band — even with everything going on here, there are no shortage of hooks and melodies to latch on to. Feral Children is the stone from the slingshot, flung through time, striking down that which we fear the most. Or maybe it’s just some shit that’s really fun to dance to. Either way, it takes us from being those terrified alley cats to entities making sense of the world — if only for the fleeting length of a jam.


    Since 2001, Holzkopf has been developing a style of hypnotic and frenetic dance music made from a mishmash of homemade tape collages, blown out drum machine beats, dumpstered Chinese pop cassettes, raw data noise, barely controled feedback and smashed and grabbed found sounds.  The sound is remenicent of proto-industrial, disco, hip-hop, global psychedelia, gospel and breakcore synthesized into a complete unique whole unlike any one component part.  This is futurist and anarchist music made on cheap gear, recorded live to tape or dusty old hard drives.  It embodies the spirits of rotting architecture and 100 year old brothels, the wide open spaces of the Canadian prairies and the angst and anger of battling slum-lords, debt and panic.  More than anything else though, the music is a celebration. Celebation, after all, is the best form of protest.  Sharing the stage with Princesse Rotative, Cex, Electric Kettle, Andrew Duke, Venetian Snares, Fanny, Maladroit, Botborg, the Shearing Pinx, Sam Shalabi, Knurl, Emil Beaulieau and many others over multiple tours through Canada and Europe (in squats, clubs, backyards and under bridges), a Holzkopf performance is always a spontaneous, raw and one of a kind experience.

empty Feral Children, Jay Arner, Holzkopf
August 7th
Live at Rickshaw presents
Feral Children, Jay Arner, Holzkopf

+19 Doors: 8:00 PM

$8 +S/C advance, on sale soon

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