• Sparkmarker, Carpenter, and Narrows


    After over 15 years, Sparkmarker, Vancouver's much acclaimed and highly influential post-hardcore band is reuniting for one night of select songs from two of their most well regarded albums, "Products & Accessories" and "500wattburner@seven".

    Featuring Rob Zgaljic (Black Halos / Red Vienna) on drums, Kim Kinakin (Skinjobs / San Angelus) on vocals & guitar, Jason Craig (Sabrael) on bass, and Ryan Scott (Deadsure / Owl Drugs) on vocals.

    In 1990, the founding band members met working at a local Vancouver record store, networking with friends to start a musicians collective to put on DIY all-ages shows that aimed to be diverse and inclusive - flyers often proclaiming "no racists, no sexists, no homophobes, no assholes - music is for people of all ages".

    From their community roots, the band used their own finances and DIY spirit to record and release their own music, promote their own shows, book their own tours, make their own merchandise, tour North America & Europe and eventually signed to California's Revelation Records - not a small feat for the pre-Internet era of small indie musicians.

    Springing from their punk/metal/hardcore roots - Sparkmarker often were compared sonically to heavy/aggressive/ rhythmic bands such as Quicksand and Helmet, while their ethics brought comparisons to Fugazi and Jawbox.

    Cited for headlining Vancouver's first Rock for Choice benefit concert, the band was well known for supporting a number of social and community causes from multiple HIV/AIDS awareness benefits, the Under The Volcano Festival to the DOA Fire Prevention Awareness benefit amongst many others.

    In memory and recognition of Sparkmarker guitarist Jordan Studdard, profits from the sale of Sparkmarker merchandise will benefit the Vancouver chapter of Cystic Fibrosis Canada.

    Opening acts will include Vancouver locals Carpenter (including ex-members of All State Champion & Speaking Of Heroes) and US super-group Narrows (with ex-members of Botch, Unbroken & These Arms Are Snakes).

    Tickets also available on Charge by Phone 1-888-222-6608
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empty Sparkmarker, Carpenter, and Narrows
September 28th
The Georgia Straight presents
Sparkmarker, Carpenter, and Narrows

+19 Doors: 8:00 PM

$15.75 +S/C advance, on sale July 27th