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    Balmorhea, Christopher Smith


    Balmorhea (pronounced Bal-more-ay) is the name of a small town of approximately 500 people in West Texas. Balmorhea is also the name of a six-piece instrumental group from Austin, TX who release sweeping, panoramic music on the influential Western Vinyl imprint.

    Balmorhea (the town) sits perched on a breathtaking expanse of mountainous wilderness. Balmorhea (the band) create lush soundscapes using guitars, cellos, violins, banjos, drums, and pianos that conjure up the grandeur of the American Southwest.

    Balmorhea (the town) is inhabited by people living on the outskirts of the American imagination, either by destiny or by design. Balmorhea (the band) explore themes of liminality, loneliness, and expanse using a musical language so rich and compelling it can only be described as narrative.

    Christopher Smith

    Simply put, Christopher Smith writes achingly beautiful songs. Never one for stagnation, Smith has pursued the presentation of his music to many varied ends. From his early work in traditional singer songwriter methods, to larger, more orchestral based works, the music, both as a live entity and recorded based medium, is in a constant state of flux. Working with strings quartets, horn sections and choral arrangements, it is Smith's desire to challenge and re-interpret his material as for a way to etch out the right fit for the individual song.

empty Balmorhea, Christopher Smith
October 25th
Live at Rickshaw presents
Balmorhea, Christopher Smith

+19 Doors: 8:00 PM

$10 +S/C advance

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