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    The Crackling, Corbin Murdoch & The Nautical Miles, plus guests

    The Crackling

    Over the past decade Kenton Loewen has built a reputation as one of Vancouver’s finest drummers and sharpest musical minds. The Crackling sees Loewen step out from behind the kit and into the roll of songwriter and front man. His songs are teeming with a raw and genuine emotional energy. This energy is harnessed by the masterful musicianship of The Crackling’s roster, cherry-picked by Loewen from Vancouver’s jazz and indie-rock scenes. Equal parts restraint and bombast, The Crackling is a band that grips the audience from the opening chord until the last note has wrung out.

    The Crackling’s latest recording, Ashen EP, was released in May 2012 on File Under:Music records, adding another critically acclaimed work to the young band’s oeuvre.

    Corbin Murdoch & The Nautical Miles

    It is going to be a big year for Corbin Murdoch and The Nautical Miles. Having spent most of 2012 travelling around the world visiting music and performing arts festivals everywhere from Timbuktu, Mail to Bogota, Colombia, Murdoch holed up in an old bank building in rural Saskatchewan to write a new record for The Nautical Miles, Ode to Joy.

    The Vancouver four-piece have always been known for their ambitious and adventurous take on roots music. Whether collaborating with jazz artists for mash-up performances, with visual artists for a year-long song-blog (http://corbinmurdoch.wordpress.com/), with bluegrass bands or brass quintets, Corbin Murdoch and The Nautical Miles continue to push the boundaries of contemporary Canadian folk music. Ode to Joy promises to be their most ambitious statement yet, eschewing their old conventions in favour of a polyrhythmic, hook-laden sound.

    Come hear some early incarnations of the Ode to Joy material as they prepare to record the album in early 2013.

empty The Crackling, Corbin Murdoch & The Nautical Miles, plus guests
September 13th
Live at Rickshaw presents
The Crackling, Corbin Murdoch & The Nautical Miles, plus guests

+19 Doors: 8:00 PM

$8 +S/C advance

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