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    Band since 2006. Started by Elliot and Jo. Kevin joined in 2010, Ridley joined in 2012. Previous members were Aaron, Tony, Tommy and Jon. Have played 152 shows and toured Canada three times.

    Effeminate Godzilla-Sized Wind Chimes (1300 CDs/500 LPs, 2010)
    Teems EP (released online 2008, 600 CDs released 2009)
    Prescribing... The SSRIs (released online 2008, now lost in cyberspace)
    The SSRIs (300 CDs released 2006, sold out long ago)

    Jon Pfeffer
    Listen to music on Sound Cloud here.

    Best known for leading avant-pop ensemble Capillary Action, Jon is a composer/singer/guitarist currently based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

    Jon's music variously inspires (The Wire: “musical fragments are layered one upon another, resulting as often in dense polyrhythm as they do in deliciously intertwined melodic lines”), antagonizes (Pitchfork: “…teases listeners with surprising bits of poppy melody before yanking out the rug”) and mystifies (PopMatters: “Like a perplexing film you have to (and want to) watch more than once”).

    Jon's solo classical guitar and voice music abstracts autobiographical narratives into poignant "story-songs" that flirt openly with both thematic and harmonic dissonance. Recommended if you like Joni Mitchell, Phil Ochs, Glenn Danzig, Maurice Ohana's Si le jour parait, Baden Powell, Jeffrey Lewis, and Frank Ocean all at once.

    Expect anecdotes, Sphinx-worthy riddles, and probably some group therapy. Sink or swim, y'all. Bring your worst heckle.


    Synthcake, the "Sci-fi-delic" East Van 5 piece, released their first EP, "Musicophilia", in July 2011.

    The band has carved out a series of haunting yet unbelievably catchy Circus-pop tunes that feature triple synthesizers, keyboards, accordion, trumpet, glockenspiel and drums providing a backdrop for a crashing and banging electronic carnival dance floor sound. Folks have compared the bands cree
    py dance ballads to "electronic banshee serenades" echoing through an "evil abandoned fair ground" and have described them as a cross between Portishead and Tom Waits.

    Their second EP "Molding Through Seasons", was released May 2012.

empty SSRIs, Jon Pfeffer, Synthcake
October 11th
SSRIs, Jon Pfeffer, Synthcake

+19 Doors: 8:00 PM

$8 +S/C advance

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