• Beats Without Borders is celebrating it's 7th anniversary by presenting 2 shows on back to back nights with 2 of our favorite International artists!!!

    Part 1 of the Anniversary Celebration takes place on Thursday Oct. 20th and stars the one and only musical force of nature... GAUDI!!!

    If you were lucky enough to be at his sold out show at the Biltmore last Fall you know what I mean. GAUDI has charisma and musical wizardry in abundance!

    This time around he will be joined during his set by multi talented vocalist Danny Ladwa. Danny hails from London U.K. and has been on the scene since 1998. His style ranges from Reggae to Hip Hop and from Soul to Funk. He also uses the pseudonym 'Lyrikool Lipz' for his Beat Boxing career and was a recent finalist in the U.K. Beatbox Championships.

    Fans of GAUDI's last album 'No Prisoners' will recognize Danny's work on the track 'Brainwashed again'.

    We're very excited to welcome Danny to Vancouver for the first time!

    Warming the Dance Floor up for GAUDI on this night will be our favorite DJ team from the fair city of Victoria... R&D ( Rowan & Desunos)

    Great DJ's in their own right, together R&D are able to create a special magic for any dance floor they grace with their beats and positive energy.
    Click here to find out more about Rowan: http://sunsetlabs.ca/rowan/
    Click here to find out more about Desunos: www.sunsetlabs.ca/desunos

    Returning as featured guest dancers are none other than Luciterra! They are on fire after spending the last few months playing at several of B.C's best Summer Festivals. Most notably Shambhala and The Big Time Out!

    They danced at our April 2010 show with Nickodemus and we've been itching to have them back ever since.

    Visit their website to find out more about these rising stars of the Belly Dance World. http://www.luciterradance.com/

    The Rickshaw Theatre is a big canvas for any VJ to work with so we immediately knew who we wanted to do take on the task...VJ Electrabelle! http://www.electrabelle.com/ We're stoked she said yes!

empty GAUDI / DJ R&D / DJ Nils
October 20th
Live at Rickshaw and Beats without Borders present
GAUDI / DJ R&D / DJ Nils

19+ Doors: 8:00 PM

$15 + S/C advance

$25 + S/C for both shows, see OKA and Gaudi.

Tickets also available at

Beat Street


Red Cat

rickshawtheatre.com (click on BUY TICKETS)