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    KREATOR and OVERKILL (co-headlining tour)
    with guest WARBRINGER

    Germany’s biggest export in thrash returns; the band that inspired generations of young bands and has been around for nearly 30 years…. KREATOR! These German legends are back in Vancouver to rip your face off with their newest album release Phantom Antichrist which is steeped in solos, riffs, and the usual Kreator-esque thrash madness. For fans of fast, furious, and air guitar worthy metal, you’ll love the latest release. Kreator’s sounds is said to be radiate similarities between their other German compatriots, Destruction and Sodom; All of which are often credited with helping pioneer death metal, by containing several elements of what was to become the genre of THRASH!

    New Jersey’s finest, the band who has said to have to never suffered an “identity crisis,” Overkill returns. These thrash legends are a band synonymous with power, precision, and perseverance. For decades, this pioneering band has shaped and defined the genre of thrash. Trends be damned, Overkill’s supercharged and obscenely energized new album The Electric Age will deliver all the delicacies head banging and air guitaringhas to offer. Along with the new influx of heavy metal covers, the band still plays a smattering of punk covers, with extra distortion, intensity, and speed, marking Overkill as one of the first North American thrash metal bands. Don’t miss out!

    Formed in 2004, California’s Warbringer were preceded by greats such as Slayer, Exodus, Testament, and Anthrax, and it’s plain to see that all of these legends echo in Warbringer musical inspiration. Over the course of their career these young thrashers have managed to construct songs that are equal parts ferocity & finesse, ultimately creating a sound distinctly their own. They are a band with extremely aggressive and energetic live performance, and hold determination to drive the old-school sound forward into the next decade with a sense of fresh air and originality.

empty KREATOR and OVERKILL (co-headlining tour) with guest WARBRINGER
November 11th
The Invisible Orange & Scrape Records present
KREATOR and OVERKILL (co-headlining tour) with guest WARBRINGER

+19 Doors: 7:00 PM

$35 +S/C adv

$40 at door

$85 VIP meet n greet