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    Kinnie Starr, Kytami and Kieran Strange

    Kinnie Starr
    One of Canada's most adored and critically acclaimed underground musicians, Starr is widely known as an artist with an original, authentic voice. Whether performing sensual and literate hip-hop, heartfelt guitar songs or spoken word pieces, she has been blazing trials since 1996 with her beat slamming recordings, outspoken race and gender politics and edgy visual art. Starr released her 6th album, "Kiss It", in April 2013.

    If a line exists between classical and electronic, between ancient and new age, synthetic and organic, Kytami has sliced them all using only a violin bow... but what more does she need? Apparently nothing at all, as Kytami has already been dubbed a 'music revolutionary' by Whats Up Magazine USA, a 'violinistextremist' here at home, and has been summoned to bring her violin thunder to audiences as far reaching as Taiwan, Dubai and Berlin. Through an alchemy of classical, fiddle styles fused with the heavy bass elements of Dubstep and Hip Hop, Kytami has managed to soar above not only the constraints of musical genre and labeling, but has forged a path so bold and unique that it's taken her alongside groups from Swollen Members to acoustic punk rockers Blackie and The Triumphs and today she is regularly dubbed Canada's most diverse and engaging fiddle player.

    After co-founding the critically acclaimed global-fusion sound-storm Delhi 2 Dublin in 2006 and subsequently co-songwriting them toward international musical success until 2010, Kytami surged forward with her own solo career, bringing the essence of her music to audiences in its purest possible form.  The 2012 release of her eponymous full-length solo album made this a reality by combining the far flung elements of Classical Music, Dubstep, and the world that only Kytami knows. With all this enigma, what can you expect at a Kytami show? Well lets start by straightening that out actually, the girl doesn't play shows, she detonates dance floors. Whether in front of Delhi 2 Dublin or The PhonoGraff, Kytami is internationally renowned for one thing: she rocks the fiddle like a woman possessed... and the audience dances to match.  From Germany to Hong Kong and Joshua Tree Festival to Shambhala, one thing is affirmed at Kytami concerts time and again: If you dare witness this violin diva take the stage, be prepared to wear through not only the soles of your dancing shoes, but perhaps the version of reality you brought to the door.

    Kieran Strange
    A cotton-candy car crash who moved from her small fishing village in England to play electro-rock in North America when she was only 17 years old. A mix of punk with electronic-pop sensibility, Kieran lights up the stage while singing about video games, sleeping in, and zombies.

empty Kinnie Starr, Kytami and Kieran Strange
June 8th
Live at Rickshaw presents
Kinnie Starr, Kytami and Kieran Strange

+19 Doors: 8:00 PM

$18 +S/C adv

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