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    Radfest 2K13
    featuring music from DJ Caveman Lawyer and DJ Hot Tub

    Listen up greatest-experience-of-your-life fans:

    Better get yourself to a clear, tiled area of your home -- or better yet of someone else’s home -- because when you see what’s written immediately below this paragraph you are literally going to crap the bejeezus out of your pants.

    Radfest is back! And you’re invited!

    Saturday, Aug. 17!
    8pm to a zillion a.m!
    DJ Hot Tub! DJ Caveman Lawyer!

    ***All proceeds go to the Radfest Philanthropic Society, benefiting African micro loans and our Haitian sponsor child.***

    It’s bigger! It’s sooner! It’s going to beat boringness into a coma and then unplug its life support and frame your Work-a-day Blues for the murder so they go to jail forever!

    10 times the MUSIC! 100 times the DANCING! Enough booze to blind a dinosaur!

    Dear other plans: You’re cancelled!


    For those of you who don’t know because you’ve never heard of anything, Radfest is a party. But not just any party. It’s like Woodstock, Y2K and both V-Days had a baby and then that baby took super-steroids and ate its parents!


    If you took all the awesome in the universe and packed it into a 500 trigaton nuclear fun bomb and exploded it inside your mind, you might experience about a 1000th of how amazing Radfest is. THOSE ARE REAL NUMBERS.


    “I left town and I’m never coming back!”


    Q: $10? Shouldn’t I spend that money on something that sucks, like rent or food?
    A: No! If you miss Radfest you’ll never want to eat again! And then you’ll get evicted for sadness!

    Q: Hooray! Can I bring friends?
    A: Yes! And bring their friends too! Here’s a 100% guarantee: No matter how many you arrive with, you will leave with more! GUARANTEED! You’ll LITERALLY have friends coming out the wazoo! Which is not as uncomfortable as it sounds!

    Q: Wait! Is this for charity?
    A: Yes! But it doesn’t feel like it! It’s not like you have to talk quietly with people in black-rimmed glasses and pretend to be serious about social issues! You could be at Radfest all night and not have a clue you’re doing any good whatsoever!

    Q: Sweet! Is there a bar?
    A: Just the most delicious and well-priced bar in history!

    Q: Didn’t Radfest used to be in September?
    A: Yes! But now it’s not! Save the date! Write it down! Carve it into your face backwards so you can read it in the mirror and rub filth into it so it never heals!

    Q: Won’t that make it hard to carve next year’s date into my face?
    A: Get a bigger face! Plus it’s just going to melt off anyway when you see how mind-blowing Radfest is! Radfest puts the oot back in moot point!

    Q: That super makes sense! If Radfest were a sandwich, what kind of sandwich would it be?
    A: It would be a billion-decker friends-and-music P-B and yay! with bread made of awesome sauce and a side of holy crap!

    Q: Gross.
    A: So gross it’s incredible! You can swap out the crap for a seizure salad or do half and half with fries!


    Q: Aaaaaaah!
    A: Woo hoo!


empty Radfest 2K13, featuring DJ Caveman Lawyer and DJ Hot Tub
August 17th
Radfest 2K13, featuring DJ Caveman Lawyer and DJ Hot Tub

+19 Doors: 8:00 PM

$10 +S/C adv

$15 at door

Tickets also available at

rickshawtheatre.com (click on BUY TICKETS)