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    MIDNIGHT CONSPIRACY - EYE LIVE (Vancouver Premiere)
    with Noize Hazard, Skullflower

    MIDNIGHT CONSPIRACY - EYE LIVE (Vancouver Premiere)
    From behind the sixteen foot laser and LED structure dubbed "Eye Live," Midnight Conspiracy emerges as a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma that will literally overload your senses and still leave you coming back for more. When the dark, moody, and even ominous undertones of their hard-hitting, no-holds-barred bass drops and harmonic melodies lift, you'll be left pondering a few things. What is the Midnight Conspiracy? Who is behind it? Where did the last two hours of my life go? These aren't questions that we can answer for you. These are questions that only you can answer, and only after experiencing Midnight Conspiracy live. Here's what we can tell you:

    Throughout history, imagery of "The Eye" has been associated with everything from secret societies to ancient deities, but Midnight Conspiracy is concerned with something much different: using an out of this world light show and their own special blend of heavy bass to put on an unforgettable show. It worked. They're signed to the legendary Ultra Records, which is also home to favorites like: Deadmau5, Bloody Beetroots, Wolfgang Gartner and Benny Benassi. In addition to the DIY endeavor that is the "Eye Live—Laser Light & Heavy Bass Experience," they also started the art collective and clothing line Dead Fame. They've risen to the top of Hype Machine, Beatport and BBC Radio 1, along with destroying stages at Lollapalooza and Ultra Music Festival.

    Is Midnight Conspiracy a collection of heavy bass, mixed with electro and topped with dubstep? Or, is it some sort of mystical, musical chimera with a singular goal of putting on the best show you've ever experienced? Or, is it a perfectly produced musical narrative that evolved into live instrumentation and ultimately into a sixteen foot bastion of laser lights and brain-melting bass? The correct answer is all of the above, but "The Eye" commands something else entirely. Put yourself in its gaze at a show and get inducted into the Midnight Conspiracy.


    NOIZE HAZARD - LIVE - (Vancouver Premiere):
    In a time where music lovers from all across the spectrum of genres are increasingly finding common ground in the music they listen to, Noize Hazard is there to deliver. The Vancouver based brothers Zohar and Omri formed the group in 2012, or around that time anyways, with the knowledge and understanding that quality, variety, and emotion, are some of the most important elements in great music. In every Noize Hazard project, there is fusion of electro, hip hop, blues, rock, trance, dubstep, psytrance, glitch hop, and several other subgenres that are words I could just be making up.

    No matter the variety of sounds they are mixing together there is a signature sound that develops with every new track, usually consisting of several layers of guitar and synthesizers. Older brother, Zohar (26), has spent years honing his skills on the guitar and pretty much every other instrument he could get his hands on. Now that he has recently finished Law school, he will be spending more time in the studio, and working on other exciting projects. Omri (25), spent the last few years djing, after first playing shows in 2010 while studying at the University of Victoria, and has had the opportunities to play alongside acts such as Felix Cartal, Fedde LeGrand, Wolfgang Gartner, Chris Lake, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike and others. After spending way too many hours watching Ableton tutorial videos on youtube, he now spends most of his time in the studio with his older brother.

    The collaboration in Noize Hazard extends past the brothers. In February 2012, a remix with the Israeli Psytrance group Faders took them to Mexico where Zohar performed live guitar to a few thousand Mexican Psytrance hipsters in Guadalajara. Ever since then they have been inspired to collaborate and create cross-genre music with a lasting impression. More recent Noize Hazard projects include the recording of an album and building a Ratatat-y - Bonobo-esque live show incorporating a dj set with live guitar, keyboards and percussion.


    You may know of him as yet another friendly ambassador of THE CATURDAY CREW, as a co-conspirator of the infamous PJJs, and now this rising star has been seen jamming out on stage with a grand selection of successful bass music producers in Canada, including NEIGHBOUR, VESPERS, and ORGANIC MECHANIC. SkullFlower represents the combination of contrasting sounds; mellow with heavy, dark with bright, disco with dubstep; Take a journey across the spectrum of style - from funky glitch hop to psychedelic downtempo!


empty MIDNIGHT CONSPIRACY - EYE LIVE, with Noize Hazard & Skullflower
June 22nd
INEO Studios Presents
MIDNIGHT CONSPIRACY - EYE LIVE, with Noize Hazard & Skullflower

+19 Doors: 8:00 PM

$20 +S/C adv

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