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    Mrs. Warren’s Profession

    In association with Neworld Theatre and Renegade Arts Company

    Free Downtown Eastside Community Tickets made possible by The Rickshaw Theatre. Please contact info@alleytheatre.ca for more info.

    Mrs. Warren’s Profession is a LIVE THEATRE EVENT sponsored in part by the Rickshaw Theatre. Written by Nobel Prize and Oscar-winning George Bernard Shaw, the play was originally banned for its controversial subject matter… Alley Theatre invites you to experience the postmodern world of this 120 year-old story through immersive staging and live music from Juno Award winning musicians.
    THE STORY: A young woman discovers her privileged lifestyle was paid for her by her mother's sex work.  The two women enter a battle royal over what it means to be a modern woman, a working woman, and to just plain be a woman.

    Improvised Composition and Live Music by Gentle Party featuring Shanto Acharia, Meredith Bates and Elisa Thorn.


    Show starts at 8PM Sharp.

    $3 from every ticket will be donated directly to Wish Drop-In Centre Society and PACE Society.

empty Mrs. Warren's Profession - Show Begins at 8pm
April 22nd
Alley Theatre presents
Mrs. Warren's Profession - Show Begins at 8pm

+19 Doors: 7:00 PM

$10 +S/C adv, two for one rate

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