• Opening for ohGr: Left Spine Down, Violet Tremors, No.DJ.oN

    ohGr is a band formed by Nivek Ogre, of Skinny Puppy, and musician/engineer Mark Walk. Although the pedigree of the group's members might suggest otherwise, early ohGr releases differed in sound to its related industrial bands, drawing more on hip-hop and electro-pop influences, incorporating more conventional structures and a lighter tone. However, from Devils In My Details onwards, ohGr has taken to a more abrasive, non-linear flavour of electro-industrial.

    The band was officially formed in 2001, although the material for the first album, Welt dates back to the mid-nineties, having been held up due to legal trouble with American Recordings. The band toured in 2001 to support the release of their debut album Welt; the live band consisted of Nivek Ogre, Tim Skold (bass), cEvin Key (drums and keyboards), Loki der Quaeler (keyboards), and William Morrison (guitar). 2003 saw the release of a follow up, SunnyPsyOp (a play on the phrase "sunny side up" and military PsyOps), and 2008 saw the release of Devil in My Details. Their most recent album, unDeveloped, was released in May of 2011.

empty ohGr (of Skinny Puppy) with guests
December 4th
Densixx and Babalon Entertainment present
ohGr (of Skinny Puppy) with guests

19+ Doors: 7:00 PM

$25 advance

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