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    The Caturday Crew presents:
    Back to The Lab

    Each DJ Set will be followed by a Theatrical Storyline Performance
    A Caturday show is not just about the DJs, our focus is on the entire experience. We do however promise some incredible music from some passionate DJs and producers.

    ✪ Custom themed Music, Dance and Theatrical Performances
    ✪ Uniquely crafted Stage & Ambience
    ✪ Cutting edge Lighting and Visuals
    ✪ Themed Artwork and Interactive elements
    ✪ Music, Dancing, Art & Fun

    From the creative minds that brought you “Eden Prime: Dark Fracture”, "Ascension of the Atlanteans" and many more, Caturday Crew is back with another unique story & adventure. This one-of-a-kind themed event fuses music, art, storytelling, theatrics, dance, visuals, lighting and all you amazing folks to create ONE hell of a good time.
    There have been stories told over the years of a secret lab, where strange experiments were rumored to have been conducted by the Hades Corporation. A horrible “accident” occurred the day after Halloween 1984, 30 years later, a dark energy still looms...

    Nov 1, 2014 at the Rickshaw Theatre, that dark energy will rise again...Will you be brave enough to go Back to The Lab? Find out more about ”The Lab” below:
    COME EARLY- You could WIN! Show up before 9:30pm and you will be entered to WIN 4 FREE TICKETS to our next Caturday Session (December 2014)

empty Back to The Lab
November 1st
The Caturday Crew presents
Back to The Lab

+19 Doors: 8:00 PM

$20 +S/C adv, earlybird SOLD OUT!

$25 +S/C adv, 1st tier

$30 +S/C adv, 2nd tier

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