• Opening for LITTLE GUITAR ARMY - The Bonitos, Piggy, and 69 Guns


    It was during the mid '90's while Cal Thompson was an apprenticing luthier under Jean Larrivee that he had a flash of brilliance- a little guitar eureka moment! Watching off-cuts of wood going to the trash daily, too small to make a full sized instrument,Cal would cringe at the waste. The solution became obvious to him in a flash: make little guitars! Over a decade has passed,dozens of little guitars were made as bands came & went. The little guitars were there, but what was the perfect vehicle for them? How do you make a little guitar have a huge impact? The answer to that was obvious to him: A Little Guitar Army! Call started assembling the line-up immediately.


    In '07, which was several years & more than a few personnel changes later you have the 11-piece behemoth that is Little Guitar Army, a spectacle that you simply have to see to be believed!


empty LITTLE GUITAR ARMY plus guests
February 24th

19+ Doors: 8:00 PM

$10 + SC

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