• The Tranzmitors, The Vicious Cycles, The Radii, The Injectors and DJ Joshy Atomic

    "The real point of The Tranzmitors seems to be to have fun. The music they make is upbeat and catchy, influenced as much by 60s pop and new wave as by “traditional” punk. Handclaps and rich instrumentation fill out the sparsity of the underlying punk song structure, and dancing, not moshing, is the clear intent. Live, the band gives and gives, sweating through their suits as they provide enough energy for the whole room. “You think too much / Just gotta loose a bit up / And have a good time” they sing in what may be their manifesto, “Dancing in the Front Row.”...Sound on the Sound


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empty The Tranzmitors with The Vicious Cycles, The Radii
April 14th
The Tranzmitors with The Vicious Cycles, The Radii

+19 Doors: 8:00 PM