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    The FleshEaters (featuring John Doe and DJ Bonebrake of X, Dave Alvin and Bill Bateman of The Blasters, Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, and The Legendary Punk Poet Chris D.)
    with Petunia & The Vipers

    The Flesh Eaters
    The Flesh Eaters are an American punk rock and rockabilly band, formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1977. They are the most prominent of the bands which have showcased the compositions of their founder, punk poet Chris Desjardins, best known as Chris D. While Desjardins is the group's only continual member, the Flesh Eaters' lineup has drawn from some of the most famous bands of the L.A. punk scene, such as the Plugz, X, the Blasters, and Los Lobos.

    The Flesh Eaters released two legendary albums on Slash records before all the band members got famous from their other bands and projects.


    Petunia & The Vipers

    Vancouver's Petunia & The Vipers defy genres with their eclectic mix of rockabilly, swing, ragtime, blues, country, and everything between.


empty The Flesh Eaters with guests Petunia & The Vipers
January 25th
The Rickshaw presents
The Flesh Eaters with guests Petunia & The Vipers

+19 Doors: 8:00 PM

$27.50 +S/C adv

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